“I would recommend Gentle Beginnings to anyone. We realized late in pregnancy that we needed more support and Aly was able to jump right in with resources/tools that we needed at that stage (both in-person and via video chat). She was able to take us through the process and teach us positions to relieve discomfort, breathing techniques, etc. When we had an unexpected complication, Aly went above and beyond to help manage the situation. Highly recommended!" 



“In all my preparation for child birth, finding Allison may just of been the best. Throughout my pregnancy she periodically checked in on me, offering suggestions and support. I felt comfortable to contact her with any questions, concerns or just anything I wanted to share. I reached out to her the morning my contractions began and stayed in contact until I was ready for her to help me labor at home before the hospital. Her support, suggestions, and encouragement helped me get through labor without any pain meds! Not sure I would've done it without her. I'm so thankful for all her help!! She was an awesome support for my husband as well. In the beginning he hadn't been totally convinced that a doula was something we would need, after the birth he raved to our friends and family how amazing it was to have a doula, specifically Allison!!” 

Ozger Fam Pic.jpg



“I feel fortunate to have had Allison as my birth doula during my hospital birth. In the weeks leading up to my delivery, she periodically checked in on me and provided excellent advice regarding pregnancy, prenatal care, labor and birth. When the time came for me to deliver my baby boy, she immediately left an event she was attending and met me at the hospital. She supported me alongside my mom. I don’t know how I would have gotten through active labor without her encouraging words and back massages.  Overall, I had the birth experience I wanted. And Allison played an integral role in helping me to achieve it. Therefore, I highly recommend Allison’s doula services.” 

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"Allison is literally an angel from heaven!

She was there for me every step of the way. When my contractions began at 2am, she remained in contact with me and helped me labor at home as long as possible. When it was time to head to the hospital, she met me and my husband there and immediately got to work. She gave me gentle back massages and allowed me to hold/sway with her when I was in the middle of a contraction. She had such a soothing voice and her affirmations helped me get through so many contractions. She slowly poured water on me for hours while I labored in the tub. She even brought a peanut ball which was so helpful when I was laboring in bed. She provided incredible support to my husband and mom. I'm sure if Allison wasn't there, my mom and husband would've been so stressed out.

I labored without pain medications for so many hours and I wouldn't have lasted as long if Allison wasn't there. Even after almost 18 + hours of stalled labor, Allison NEVER left my side. I felt so empowered to be able to last so long without any medications and I'm so glad our baby girl was delivered safely in the end. Even almost a week after having my baby, she still checks on me! If you're looking for a doula, look no further. She's incredible!"




“Allison was a huge emotional support to me when my birth plan felt like it was flipped upside down. I wanted a natural birth with no interventions or medications. When my doctor told me I needed to be induced that day, I was shocked, frustrated, scared, angry, and sad. Allison was very informed about what medications would likely be offered to me. She helped me come up with questions I could ask the doctor. She also eased my anxiety and helped me get into a better headspace as we went through the induction process. In the end, I was able to have a version of the birth I wanted (one without painful procedures, pitocin, or pain meds). I am very happy with my childbirth experience and I am so grateful to her!" 



"As a FTM, I am so glad I found Aly and was able to benefit from her guidance during my pregnancy, birth & postpartum. She helped me navigate some overwhelming doctor's appointments with her unbiased advice. She gave me tips on how to get the most information out of those appointments. She encouraged me to second guess some recommendations, but also supported me with my final decisions.

Without Aly's input I would not have felt as prepared and comfortable in the decisions we made. Throughout the entire process she was extremely responsive and engaged - not only during the telehealth visits - but also messaging between those appointments, and even when I texted her at 3am while I was in labor!

Aly read into some emotions that I wasn't able to process and because she walked us through that, both my husband and I were more prepared for what came next.

I gave her very little notice to get to the hospital, but she made it there and jumped in right in as my water broke within minutes of her arrival!

Aly had a positive energy from the first phone call through to the postpartum recovery. I am so grateful for her support that helped me achieve the birth that I wanted!"

**All client pictures shared with permission**